Eats, Sips & Snaps #15 | October

Eats, Sips & Snaps is one year old, and still going strong! I hope you’ve enjoyed my monthly round-ups – click here to have a look through the archives if you so wish. They certainly take the pressure off the writing a little, and allow me to showcase some of my favourite photos (and this time, some gifs) from the bottomless pile amassing on my laptop. So what’s made the cut this month? Despite the increasingly short days, I seem to have taken more #BalconyBooze shots than usual, featuring the likes of La Comuna wine, Division Bell cocktails for a #LoveLuxardo project, and Regal Rogue’s Lively White vermouth on the rocks.

The first week of October was lost to London Cocktail Week (full post here), but I soon balanced it out with food. There were breakfast pizzas at Jason Atherton’s Hai Cenato, all the fried chicken with the London Cheap Eats crew at Billy & The Chicks, and Dutch crunch sandwiches at Spike + Earl coffee roastery in Peckham. We turned up to the opening night of #TheKitchens, an exciting new collection of restaurants in Old Spitalfields Market that includes Berber & Q, Breddos, and Dumpling Shack, and a mini Mother Kelly’s. I hope to write about it in full after a couple more visits, but for now, read this informative article on Just Opened London here. The following day, I made it to Breddos larger new venture on Kingly Street (in the old Shotgun site). I didn’t have my camera with me as I was en route to Wembley, so you’ll have to make do with some silly gifs. The fare was magnificent, as usual. I’m also missing snaps from a session later that day at Beer + Burger, a brilliant beer bar and burger joint (duh!) right by Willeseden Green station.

That’s pretty much it, apart from some full write ups of meals at Rambla and Brother Marcus. A seemingly quiet month on Eats, Sips & Snaps on the face of it, but #LCW17 was a bit of a mad week, and I ended the month with a five days in Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast – alright for some. Stay tuned for #MattTheTrips posts from that adventure soon, and keep an eye on my Instagram feed here in the meantime. Next time I write one of these, it will be December. Yikes.

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