Rye Not? | Black Rock

After the success of You Will Love Bourbon at Merchant House, or rather, whilst we were several drams down that evening, we decided to do it all again in the name of rye. I mean, Rye Not? This time, we took over most of Black Rock for the evening, and invited along Adam from Sonoma County Distilling to showcase his fantastic rye alongside some other great bottles chosen by myself, the British Bourbon Society boys, Thom from Black Rock and our fearless leader Ash / Ryepunzel, a proud Canadian from East London Liquor Company who loves rye almost as much as she loves puns.

Guests were welcomed to the event with a Rye Roffignac (surely a Ryeffignac, Thom?), a forgotten classic with raspberry shrub and soda that used to feature brandy but tends to be made with bourbon these days. Before too long, we started powering through the magnificent rye line-up, working our way through Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond, Sonoma Rye, Koval Single Barrel Rye, Alberta Premium Dark Horse, and Michter’s Barrel Proof Rye. And because we were all well behaved, Adam whipped out some Sonoma Cherrywood Rye and their extra special Black Truffle Rye to finish. Not bad for £10, eh? All the while, a punpocalypse was in full swing on social media – search for #ryenot around 20th September to see the damage. My favourites – #ryesoserious #cryemeariver #ryeryemissamericanrye. OK, I’m done.

What shall we do next? Against The Grain? Defend The Blends?

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