Eats, Sips & Snaps

Eats, Sips & Snaps #22 | September 2018

Last month was an absolute monster. After all of the travels in July and…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #20 | February-July 2018

Right. Somehow it’s August and seven months have passed since I last posted an…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #19 | January 2018

Good old Dry January – that time of year when people who only go…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #21 | August 2018

Much like the month before, I spent most of August out of London, so…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #18 | London 2017 Highlights

Despite Trump’s best efforts, I had a blast in 2017. MTL was up for…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #16 | November

Winter has well and truly arrived and I seem to only have one glove…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #15 | October

Eats, Sips & Snaps is one year old, and still going strong! I hope…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #17 | December 2017

December is always a super busy time when writing goes completely out the window. In…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #14 | September

Thirty days hath September. What did I do? I can barely remember. Good thing…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #13 | August

Half of August was spent out of the country, but I still squeezed in…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #12 | July

Ugh, July. What a depressing collection of grey, rainy days you saved up for…


Eats, Sips & Snaps #11 | June

June was HOT. As a result, I didn’t do a whole lot of eating,…

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