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On a recent trip to Brussels for BXL Beerfest, there was little time for anything other than beer, brunch, and street food. However, we did keep one evening free for a relaxed meal at Oficina. It’s a friendly, seasonal restaurant near Sainte-Catherine that wants everyone “to feel as comfortable as possible, as if you were at your best friend’s or grandparent’s house.” With that in mind, we rocked up with a bottle of natural cider from a good friend in San Sebastian to share with the welcoming Sanne & Yannick.

Whilst out mysterious booze chilled in the fridge, we worked our way through several plates of fresh, organic food, mostly vegetarian, with a bottle of natural wine from Sicily. Everything was a delight, from the marinated beets with orange to the generous portion of chicken with courgette, tapenade, sundried tomatoes and potatoes. The smoked trout salad with mustard, creme fraiche and radish was a particular highlight. Soon enough, it was time to open the cider, which was poured from a great (ish) height and imbibed post haste on the instruction of our Basque benefactor.

Three hours passed in a flash, and we skipped back out on to the street feeling particularly well fed and looked after. There are many excellent places to eat in Brussels, but if I want to feel at home and enjoy some fantastic, affordable food, I know where to go.

Oficina – oficina-brussels.be/en

Rue d’Alost 16, 1000 Bruxelles

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