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Back in August of 2018, I flew to Edinburgh with my good pal and MTL regular Ella to visit our friend Emma during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (an annual pilgrimage for me). The trip followed straight on from a two week jaunt around the USA with a talented bunch of individuals, and I spent a lot of that time taking more photos of people, and working on a variety of editing styles as I learned from those around me. In particular, I became more confident with split toning, radial filters amongst other powerful Lightroom tools. I was lucky enough to be travelling with Emmanuel Cole (@ecolephoto on Instagram) – an excellent street photographer who was extremely generous with his advice. When I got to Edinburgh, I was keen to keep the momentum going. Thankfully, Ella was happy to jump into the frame whenever a funky sign or colourful backdrop appeared. We got a lot of fun shots, most of which I’ve shared below.

One inspiration at the time was Brandon Woelfel, a fantastic photographer with a huge following on Instagram – see his work here. He uses a lot of neon signs, fairy lights, flowers and more alongside his masterful editing to create magical scenes on a daily basis. As you can see, a lot of the shots below are going for a similar look. Edinburgh is of course a beautiful place to shoot – we made great use of the Royal Botanic Garden, but also just snapped away whilst on the move. Of course, this wouldn’t be an MTL post without some mention of food or drink – five of the locations are bars, can you name any of them? Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this more photography focused post by messaging me on Instagram or sending an email to matt@mattthelist.com, or if you perhaps want to take Ella’s place in the photos! And for more of the same, check out my post on Kew Gardens here.

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