Gin Journey | Edinburgh

My annual trip to the Edinburgh fringe festival conveniently coincided with Gin Journey’s 3rd birthday and one of their first expeditions around the Scottish capital, led by the Gin Boss himself, Leon Dalloway. As usual, the ginibus was on hand to transport us around town. This is one Gin Journey that you could do on foot of course, but that would cut out valuable boozing time, plus the all important on-board history lessons in-between stops. Pay close enough attention and you might win yourself a wee dram or two along the way.

As usual, the adventure took us to 5 bars with a gin sample and a cocktail at each. The destinations and drinks aren’t always the same, but with any luck you’ll always get to have a nose around the Pickering’s Gin distillery in the converted animal hospital at Summerhall. We were very well looked after there by brand ambassador Paul who enlightened us on their bain marie simmering systems and the 1947 family gin recipe from Bombay that bizarrely came their way in 2014. Be sure to try some of their oak-aged gins before you move on. Another highlight was a trip to the candlelit Last Word Saloon in Stockbridge, one of my favourite bars in Edinburgh. But wherever you end up, you’ll have a bloody great time at the hands of your Gin Guardian.

N.B. The Gin Journey Edinburgh will be running throughout October, every Saturday, starting at 2pm. Head to to book your tickets.

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