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A few weeks ago I wrote about the wonderful Three Sheets in Dalston, with my only complaint being that it’s not in my neighbourhood. It would seem that Max & Noel were reading as they’ve just opened a second establishment in Spitalfields, which is marginally closer to home. The Venning brothers have teamed up with Blixen and taken over their basement bar, renaming it Bar Three or rather III. It’s a much bigger space to fill than Three Sheets but I’m sure they’re up to the task – it’s full of cosy corners and candles, and I imagine some curtains might be brought in to make it even more inviting.

The drinks list is in its infancy but already there are some outstanding serves worth seeking out. Ease in with their long cocktails – the Peach with fermented peach wine, fresh peach, soju, and soda, or perhaps the Tequila Highball with green tea, petit grain, honey, ocho blanco and soda. Then move on to the serious liquor – Apple + Plum with cognac, 30&40, apple cordial and acidulated butter, or the Whisky + Milk with Woodford Reserve, milk washed Earl Grey, and cedar. Food will soon be on the menu from their own kitchen, separate to Blixen, so you won’t need to leave your nook. Until then, head to the restaurant upstairs for sustenance, or grab some treats from the likes of Dumpling Shack, Breddos Tacos and Berber & Q in the market. I’ll be back before too long and look forward to seeing how it all comes together!

Bar Three –

Beneath Blixen – 65A Brushfield St, E1 6AA

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