Negroni Journey | London

The clue is in the title. It does what it says on the tin. Etc. The masterminds behind the wonderful Gin Journey (now in four cities and celebrating it’s third birthday this week) have come up with a special edition of their boozy voyage that focuses on the cocktail of the moment, the humble Negroni. That’s the one with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and the all important campari – the home bartender’s dream.

The Negroni Journey takes in 5 London bars and 6 negroni variations over the course of an evening, with a Negroni Guardian as your guide, a chauffeur driven “ginibus”, and prizes along the way. What’s not to love? You’ll learn all about the history of the cocktail, production of the ingredients, the contentious ways of presenting the drink, Hollywood sharks, and much more. Of course, you may well have forgotten it all by the end of the evening when your body is 75% Campari based.

For example, who knew that Campari’s red colour has been artificially added since they discontinued the use of carmine (a dye derived from crushed cochineal beetles) in 2006? Not me. Anyway, I won’t give any more away, just book yourself some tickets and don’t plan anything for the following morning.

For more information, and to book tickets, head to

Full set of photos from our cocktail safari available to view on Flickr here.

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