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Sunset Cliffs in San Diego does exactly what it says on the tin, if you go at sunset that is, though I imagine it’s perfectly nice at sunrise too, especially when paired with brunch at Little Lion Cafe. I digress. If you can drag yourself away from all of the SD breweries for a minute (don’t worry, they’ll still be there after the gloaming), you should make a beeline for Sunset Cliffs Boulevard which leads to, you guessed it, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park – seriously, who was in charge of names?

Anyway, maybe grab an Uber if you can’t be bothered to park the car and have plans to reward yourself with some Culture Brewing & Mike Hess brews in Ocean Beach afterwards. I forget where we got out exactly, as there are panoramic views all the way down the coastal road, but you certainly don’t need to head right to the marked park itself. Just choose a spot along the way, and get exploring the rugged coastline. Simple as that. Scroll down for some handy links if you are in the area.

My good pal William runs CraftBeerInSanDiego.Com and stays on top of all of the breweries and tasting rooms – no mean feat when there are 215+ at the time of writing! Check out his Ocean Beach recommendations here:

Here’s three top food and drink spots to check out:

Mike Hess Brewing (Ocean Beach) –

Culture Brewing (Ocean Beach) –

Little Lion Cafe –

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