Eats, Sips & Snaps #9 | April

Most of April was spent driving around Europe in search of great breweries, but I’ll save those photos for another time. Either side of that trip, I managed to fit in a few beers around town at familiar haunts such as Brew By Numbers and The Hop Locker, plus a look at Byron’s new and improved drinks offering alongside their burgers. I also made it to a brilliant “Sour Beer Spectacular” event at Hop Burns & Black in Peckham which you can read more about here.

I continued to explore my local area with an excellent lunch at Jan, a Caspian restaurant on Northcote Road, and a boozy photoshoot at Cartel on Battersea Park Road. Even closer to home, a crate of the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider appeared on our doorstep, just in case there wasn’t enough alcohol in this flat already. And there was cause for celebration towards the end of the month, as Matt The List won the Individual Photography award at the UK Blog Awards 2017. Thanks to everyone who voted, supported the site, lent me camera equipment, drove me up mountains & volcanoes for sunrise, taught me how to use Lightroom, let their food get cold, and much more over the last few years! If you want to see more photos and fewer words, head to my Flickr page here for all the snaps.

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