Sager + Wilde | Hoxton

Hackney Road is where it’s all happening at the moment. Fanny Nelsons, The Laughing Heart, Morito, Bad Sports – all exciting new openings within a few yards of each other which I’ll probably get round to featuring at some point. But we shouldn’t forget about those brave souls who set up shop a couple of years ago and have been patiently waiting for company whilst holding their own.

Sager + Wilde have since expanded to a beautiful restaurant and bar on Paradise Row in Bethnal Green, but their original compact wine bar at 193 Hackney Road is one of London’s finest. The décor, with its striking street tiles on the bar top, and simple yet stylish blinds, is calling out to be photographed. Fabulous wines by the glass start at £6.50 on an accessible, concise menu, supported by a lengthier bottle list, local beers, a couple of cocktails and some top shelf booze if you fancy something stronger. On the food front, there’s cheese and charcuterie, toasties, and a couple of small plates to keep you going. Both sites have regular relaxed tasting events with wonderful winemakers from all over the world. Keep an eye on the website here or follow S+W on social media if you want to bag a spot.  See you there – I’ll be the guy taking photos of candles in the corner.

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