Brunch at The Manor | Clapham Common

Londoners are probably too used to forming an orderly queue for brunch at the likes of Milk, Kricket and Berber & Q to notice that there are some great options out there (e.g. Salon) that don’t require an early start to guarantee a seat. Reserving a table for dinner at one of Robin Gill’s superb restaurants (The Dairy, The Manor, Paradise Garage) can take a fair amount of forward planning, but brunch sittings are up for grabs at all three.

Brunch is offered at The Manor in Clapham Common from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and it’s the perfect place for a casual catch up over eggs, coffee, and booze, especially if you are sat near the enlivening skylight. The short menu is full of bright ideas including a beautiful bowl of muesli with greengages and Ivy house yoghurt, toast with flat white peach jam, and poached Tilley’s farm eggs with BBQ potato flat bread and sorrel. Best of all, they currently have a DIY Bloody Maria station at the bar in partnership with 1800 Tequila, and your first one is on the house! What’s not to love? Do yourself a favour and get over there soon, and book in for dinner on your way out whilst you’re at it.

For reservations, call 020 7720 4662

The Manor –

148 Clapham Manor St, SW4 6BX

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