Balcony Booze #3 | The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

Every now and then, I get sent some booze by some lovely people, and in return, I drink it. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it. The latest treat to make it past the postmen was a collection of sweet potato liqueurs and spirits made by, you guessed it, The Sweet Potato Spirit Company. The crucial carbs are flown in from Scott Farms in sunny North Carolina before being triple-distilled in small copper pot alembic stills.

A good way to get to know them is the collection gift box (buy online here) that contains 4x5cl miniatures, showcasing their Moonshine, Spiced Rum, Raspberry Liqueur, and Orangecello Liqueur. Alternatively, you can commit to an attractive, wax sealed 50cl bottle.


The Moonshine and Spiced Rum come in at 42%. They are sippable though a little bit young and raw for my tastes. The Moonshine made a better first impression helped out by caramel at the end, but I’d recommend mixing both of them. They suggest ginger beer and lime in each case, which can’t really go too far wrong, but the options are endless.

As for the 22% liqueurs, the raspberry is the clear winner. Whilst the initially promising orangecello unfortunately leaves a slightly odd taste in the mouth, the raspberry liqueur is wonderfully light, with the perfect amount of sweetness and a fresh fruity finish. Enjoy it neat over ice, or serve it with chilled champagne (1:2) in a coupe.

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