Sambal Shiok at Sun & 13 Cantons | Soho

At the start of the year, modern Malaysian Mandy and her Sambal Shiok street food crew were given shelter from the cold along with the kitchen keys to Salvation in Noodles (Finsbury Park) for a few weeks. In a notoriously quiet part of the year for the food and drink scene, every Londoner with an Instagram account (myself included) seemed to be lapping up Mandy’s spicy, comforting laksa bowls, and stuffing their faces with signature beef rendang, hainan dumplings and ayam goreng (Malaysian fried chicken served with an awesome peanut sauce).

Fast forward to May, and she’s most of the way through a successful 3 month residency at The Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho, with the last service coming up on Saturday 18th June. UPDATE: It’s proved to be so popular that the residency has now been extended until Sunday October 2nd! The fiery fare is better than ever, and some desirable desserts have been added, such as the chocolate, almond and cardamom cake pictured below. For more info and reservations, click here.

If you don’t make it along in time, you can usually find Sambal Shiok at Street Food Union (Fri 11am-2pm) in Soho, and the Southbank Centre Food Market (Fri-Sun from 11am). That said, check their Twitter account here for the latest info, just in case.

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