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  1. Eats, Sips & Snaps #22 | September 2018

    Last month was an absolute monster. After all of the travels in July and…

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  2. Eats, Sips & Snaps #19 | January 2018

    Good old Dry January – that time of year when people who only go…

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  3. Eats, Sips & Snaps #18 | London 2017 Highlights

    Despite Trump’s best efforts, I had a blast in 2017. MTL was up for…

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  4. Eats, Sips & Snaps #11 | June

    June was HOT. As a result, I didn’t do a whole lot of eating,…

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  5. Eats, Sips & Snaps #10 | May

    May has been pretty busy on the food and drink front so this month’s…

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  6. Eats, Sips & Snaps #1 | October

    I make it to a lot of wonderful places and take a tonne of photos along…

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